18 December 2007

a bajillion photos to organize

-by C

I recently, finally, got all of our music in one spot...turns out we have about 300GB of music altogether (around 60,000 songs) and at the same time organized all our documents & photos. So now starts the endless task of going through all the photos, labeling and organizing in folders on the computer etc etc

I'll post pics as I find them, but here are a few I came across this morning.

Ok, so Alli has a Mac laptop with the built in camera and a program that lets you warp your face into many a different shape. I have never laughed so hard in my life as the day we did this. I nearly barfed.

Ahhh the good ol days. Around 4:45pm I would hear music getting louder and louder, a quick peak out the garage would reveal the source, Kelly getting home from work in her Jeep.

Here nephew Jack demonstrates thing you don't do as an adult. If I sat like this now for more than 5 minutes you'd have to very carefully help me up and in to an ambulance.

Another of Alli's photo shop gems, Princess Brian joining us in Viking Dublin.
Maybe you don't like Star Trek, too bad for you. Kelly and I love Star Trek, all the different shows and movies. The Arnold kids circa 1976, Brian & I wearing our kick ass Star Trek shirts, my sister Alli seems quite amused at something.

Here I am holding the Viking offspring of Barry & Early in Greensboro. Those of you know me can appreciate the fact that I sat there for at least 10 minutes while they dripped watermelon juice all over me. "Okay Chris, just relax...it's only watermelon juice...you can change clothes, no big deal, just breathe.."

One day when Alli was in Dublin, we stumbled upon a giant sand sculpture display up at the castle...what the heck, look at the size of those sand feet !

hey Mom, what does a reindeer look like ?

I could play with that damn camera all day.


Alli Arnold said...

I LOL'd at how if you sat how Jack was sitting you would need to be carefully helped into an ambulance...

And in the Star Trek picture you were TICKLING ME! See, look at your mischevious face- and where is you hand? TICKLING ME! I remember it plain as day.

It's odd to see Kelly in her jeep now...you kids have turned into non-driving city mice, like myself! Ha!

Keep the random pictures comin'...


Becky said...

Bingo and Jim are going to have hay day with that last picture. What's more fun that morphing the *bleep* out of your face!!!

You and Brian reminded me of the lil' twins on The Royal Tenenbaums with the matching red jumpsuits :)

Anonymous said...

I don't cotton to the fake word bajillion but I do like your posting. I believe 60,000 is more then a little excessive. Wish you were here to help me figure out how to use the mp3 feature on my cell phone. Yes I got a cell phone. Love, Helen

Chris & Kelly said...

1) Allison do you have any other proof that i was indeed tickling you? I don't remember that. Look at my innocent face, I'm clearly not tickling you :)


2) And Helen, while you don't cotton to the fake word bajillion, here at this blog we don't cotton to that use of the word cotton.