28 May 2007

Greensboro, NC !

Chris sitting on the back porch swing with armfuls of watermelon eating Scarbrough children !

Barry & Early's charming homestead in Hippieville !

Lil Free...the cutest kid in North Carolina !

Steve, Kelly & Barry enjoying the evening BBQ

Early making the delicious BBQ yum yums

Kelly & Barold laughing it up like the old days

Phoenix happily playing in the dirt.. I think she was changing a flat tire on her buggy.

Finbar & Chris ...together again

We had a wonderful visit with the Scarbroughs in Greensboro. They have made quite the happy home for themselves, and have many wonderful friends. Greensboro Rocks !

26 May 2007

Goodbye to more old friends.....

Our Marley....oh we'll miss you !

Neighbors Megan & Ken = Megaken !

Neighbors and fellow lacrosse fanatics Toni & Brian...
Bye Bye ( said in a high mickey mouse voice )

Visiting the Hammocks in Fayetteville, NC

Joe, Chris and Kenny....old army buddies
When Kenny came in Chris found himself saying "I haven't seen you in nearly twenty years!" Then he promptly fell over cause he is old enough to say something like that.

Joe and Michelle getting their groove on.
Visiting the Hammocks was such a treat....we got a great dose of southern hospitality and got to catch up and have tons of fun. Joe and Michelle treated us like rock stars!!! Thanks to you both for a great great stay and all the laughs. Love you lots!

Happy Birthday Momma !

Mom celebrates her birthday by slamming an entire bottle of Baileys...holy moly!

Kathleen, Michael and Chris pose for a picture then fistfight over who gets the first piece of cake.

24 May 2007

Some Pics...more to come

One number and two little words....

240 jello shots!!
Seriously - we raised our glass several times over the beach weekend to Dale and Dalean but it all bears repeating. These two were the heart and soul of the party. They came prepared for the big crowd, the let their room be "home base," they were full of laughs, encouragement and generosity. From phases one thru seven these two had it going on!!! We had SO much fun all weekend and you two were a huge part of it. Thanks again for everything - and COME TO DUBLIN!!!
p.s. Dale - in our travels thus far 'catching a shark' has already become part of our vocabulary.....stands for the last couple of people up at night, solving the world's problems with
a glass in hand.


Where to begin.....

Wow....only two weeks into gypsy life, still two weeks away from Ireland and we are already behind on blogging.
I expect we'll continue breaking the last week into several entries to make it more manageable...so let me get start with this:

Teensy Tina! Whatever am I going to do without you!?!?! My little-big sister, my confidante, you make me laugh and you make me crazy! I love you to pieces and I miss you so much already. Thanks for always being so good to me, always listening, often talking my ear off, always willing to be what I need, when I need it. You are my super soul sistah and our years together as Floridians will remain a highlight of my life no matter what adventures lie ahead. Start saving your pennies Sis, cause Dublin is already begging for a visit. And even though we'll see eachother in a scant four months, I already feel a tiny bit lost without you.


21 May 2007

Goodbye Old Friends......

The goodbye dinner from the folks at work.... Great times & Great Friends. Keep on truckin' Lightning Research !

Nancy & Jimbo

Bingo & Bobbi

Becky, Kelly & Chris

17 May 2007

Four of our favorite people...

It was really hard to say goodbye to these little buggers. We love you little Arnolds!!

Alli, you are sweet, kind and generous. You are such a good girl and smart as a whip!! You have always had the nicest and most giving nature, you have love and tenderness in spades kiddo, and we are lucky to have you in our lives.
Kate - you are fearless and the coolest cucumber around, you are hilarious, quirky, unique and funky in all the right ways....don't change a thing babe. You keep everyone laughing and guessing - what a great combo!!

Jimmy, you are the best mini-me an uncle could ask for. Your smile is a thousands watts of infectious fun. You are a laugh riot and the stuff you come up with always keeps us rolling. Your antics, expressions, gestures and comments are pure gold!!

Jack you are such a bossy little tiger!! You are feisty and utterly loveable. A hug or a cuddle from you is worth a million bucks. To watch you get excited about something is to watch total, unadulterated kid-fun.

There was lots of fun today, and also lots of emotion. We love you four like nobody's business and will miss spending time with you. Let's make sure we talk lots and lots on the phone and in letters and e-mails. Also you can keep watching this blog to see what's going on with us in Ireland. You are all wonderful characters in the very best way...and this is just goodbye for a little while - not forever!!

We love you.

Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelly

It's just hair.....

Turns out retirement is very taxing - needed to lighten my load a bit.