30 January 2009

Flaco the FunnyMan

When I was working from the beach one day, I emailed this picture to Flaco in the Beijing office saying this was my view.

He replied that his view was better and sent this picture and asked if I was jealous...lol

Of course this is not the view from our Beijing office, but it is funny

26 January 2009

Holy Crap ! I want to fly !

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Goodbye Grandpa

Many of you reading this already know, my grandfather Ray Maddock passed yesterday. I got to spend some time with him during his last days and helped my Mom go through his stuff. Lots of memories. I was very fortunate to have had my Grandfather around this long.

He taught me many things and we shared many laughs together.

I'll miss him very much.

Chris & Grandpa - March 2008

World War 2 Veteran
Weight Lifting Champion
Nassau County, NY Sports Commissioner
Expert Hand Balancer
Gym Owner
Sheet Metal Engineer
Avid Golfer
Yankee Fan
Barbershop Quartet Singer
Guitar & Ukulele player
Prolific Painter & Artist

My brother Brian did a couple of nice blog posts in his memory.

Raymond Maddock 1920 - 2009

25 January 2009

Tampa & St Pete !

Ahhhh Tampa. After a few days in frigid New York, I flew to Tampa to see old friends and family.

Kelly flew direct to Florida from Dublin a few days earlier, so she picked me up at the airport and we went straight to one of our favorite restaurants for some dinner with friends.

Nice view of downtown Tampa from Landrys on the Courtney Campbell Causeway...

Kelly had her favorite meal, the meal of which she dreams and tells stories about....the $35 crab feast. Crab prepared 7 different ways in a platter designed for 2 people...or one happy Kelly.

After dinner we drove to old neighbors Megan & Ken's house....Megan & Ken, previously known as Megaken are now renamed PreggaKen as they are expecting a baby sometime later this year. They got a great house on a lake in Carrollwood and are remodeling it.

Here I help Ken install a microwave above the stove...and check his prostate.

Sunday was a Thunder game day, so although I am still nursing a rib injury, i went to the game to see all my former teammates...including Bingo, who as you can see below found a weave and made it into crotch decor. At least he wore an Ireland Pinney in my honor.

After the Tampa Thunder stomped a mudhole in the Ft Meyers team, we all went to Fergs Sports Bar in St Pete and drank 435 pitchers of beer and had a few snacks. Then we all went to Bingos house for the after-party after-party. It was great hanging out with ol crew again.

above Tony, Chris, Kirk, Clayton and Ralph.

below, Spades Jedi Masters Chris & Ken deal out another ass whooping to Bingo with new partner Clayton....how do we convince people to play us ?

While Kenny and I got some grub, the girls played some foosball...

Sunday was also Tony's birthday....pile on !

We stayed at Tony's house for two days while we visited with my brother & his kids (thats the next post) and then went to our old favorite hangout the Miramar Beach Resort, the scene of many a party including our going away party in June 2007, and our return party last February.
(see our archives for those posts)

I was able to work a few hours each day...how would you like this view from your office ?

Moving away from Florida has really made us appreciate it again. Beautiful.

On our last night everyone came down to the Miramar for a party. Party VIP's and SuperGuests Dale & Dalean always bring something awesome....in 2007 they brought 240 Jell-o shots, this time.... an X-Box and Guitar Hero including the drum kit !

Holy Crap...all I have to say is I NAILED the drum part to Livin' on a Prayer.

More pics to come of Brian & the Kids, The Miramar Guitar Hero Jam Band and more !

12 January 2009

Beijing Flaco

Lots been going on lately, hence the lack of blog activity.

Kelly was sick. I was sick.

Then Flaco came to town for a week. Somehow, I managed to not take any pictures.

Except Flaco with his very first Irish Guinness at Bruxelles.

Flaco (real name Will) is starting his own blog as well, so maybe he'll post some of his pictures.

Flaco's Blog

There should be a lot to blog about coming up soon, including our trip to the States starting this week !

04 January 2009

Happy New Year !

Hello everyone and welcome to our new look in the New Year !

We like to change the look of the blog every now and again, but this time its to celebrate something else. My brother, Brian, has apparently made blogging more often his New Years resolution, we say Hooray to that ! That means more pictures and stories of the kids available to us all.

Here's a screenshot of his blog, you can check it out at www.brianmarnold.blogspot.com

Wait a second, you recognize the format of that blog ? Why YES ! It looks just like our blog did !

Its no problem, we welcome Brian and his children to the blogosphere with open arms.

As the ol saying goes, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Be sure to check out our old blog posts in our "Jedi Archives"

...or as Brian calls his "The Jedi Archives"