26 January 2009

Goodbye Grandpa

Many of you reading this already know, my grandfather Ray Maddock passed yesterday. I got to spend some time with him during his last days and helped my Mom go through his stuff. Lots of memories. I was very fortunate to have had my Grandfather around this long.

He taught me many things and we shared many laughs together.

I'll miss him very much.

Chris & Grandpa - March 2008

World War 2 Veteran
Weight Lifting Champion
Nassau County, NY Sports Commissioner
Expert Hand Balancer
Gym Owner
Sheet Metal Engineer
Avid Golfer
Yankee Fan
Barbershop Quartet Singer
Guitar & Ukulele player
Prolific Painter & Artist

My brother Brian did a couple of nice blog posts in his memory.

Raymond Maddock 1920 - 2009


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear of your Grandfathers passing Chris.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm sorry for your loss. How wonderful you got to spend some time with him before his passing. Eileen

Chris said...

Thanks Col & Eileen....its ok, he was ready to go and lead a very very full life...we should all be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

I offer my condolences. You were a very loving and attentive grandson. Thank you for having gramps paint me a great blue heron. Itreasure that painting. Love, Helen

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris and Family,
We are very sorry to hear the loss of your grandfather. We have fond memories of him and pleased that he kept in touch with us through the years. He enjoyed life and would proudly write us about his loving family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Michele and Ralph Santore

Chris said...

Thanks Michele and Ralph. Ray was always one to keep in touch with people. He was a prolific letter writer, it always amazed me.

Are you the Santores of St Albans ?