29 September 2010

Outside Kathmandu

Our third day in Kathmandu was our opportunity to get outside the city and see some of the Kathmandu valley.

We hired a car and driver to take us to Nagarkot, considered to be one of the best spots to catch panoramic views of the Kathmandu valley and much of the Himalayas including Mt. Everest.

We arrived there in  mid-morning hoping we could get there before the clouds rolled in and obscured the views, but were disappointed to find very cloudy conditions, not good for seeing Everest. Undeterred, we were still able to enjoy the beautiful countryside...and the views of the valley below.

We got to see the Nepalese Army training around the hill station, which is home to their Commando unit, the Nepalese Rangers.

After Nagarkot, we decided to stop in Bhaktapur on the way back to Kathmandu..which turned out to be one of the best decisions we made on our entire trip.

The "Town of Devotees" is not nearly as touristy as other places and its chocked full of amazing architectural delights. Around every corner in the maze like side streets is another temple, statue or breathtaking views.

We wandered around the city, had a delicious lunch and played a little soccer with some kids.

We were able to get off the beaten path and really enjoy Bhakatpur. Its too bad we weren't there outside of Monsoon season....this is what it looks like on a clear day.

Our photography expert, Guillame, showed me how to take color accent pictures..which has opened up a whole new option...especially in a place as colorful as Nepal.

To end the day, we just sat around on a side street, drinking cold sodas (it was pretty hot), saying hello to the super friendly Nepalese....and laughing with kids who were so very curious about the foreigners.

Thanks Bhaktapur....you're a great place to visit.

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