03 November 2010

Down on the Farm

 I hadn't seen old Tampa neighbors Brett & Monica since they visited Ireland 2 years ago....but we got a chance to catch up when they were visiting Bretts family at the Farm near Houston.

Bretts family farm has been the subject of many stories over the years. Apparently growing up on a farm in Texas is quite dangerous....I had to see for myself. First order of business, touring the place on 4 wheelers.

 We grabbed a couple of Bretts friends kids, tossed them on the back, and headed out.

 Its a good thing we had the kids to keep us from tearing it up too much.

 It was a lot of fun. Brett got to show me all the sights, and I got to get comfortable on the 4 wheeler..which would come in handy later. :)

 The Farm is, of course, big and beautiful. Its completely different then where I grew up, but I was totally at home..down on the farm.

 The day was full of meeting new people, bbq, laughing and hanging out...but we also went out on the 4wheelers 4 times...sometimes, without the kids...muhuhahahahahahah!

 It was a really wonderful day. Thanks to Will on 4wheeler #3 for taking these pics.

..and thanks to the bulls for not charging when we were riding amongst the herd of cattle.

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