22 April 2011

Spring Break Road Trippin' - Part One

Freshly released from my 9 to 5 and having 12 days off from coaching, Spring Break gave the Mrs. and I an opportunity to go anywhere in the World....unfortunately, you can't fly anywhere for cheap during SB. Undaunted, we hit the highway and pointed the truck towards Florida.

Our first destination was St Augustine to visit with Mom. Its a 900 mile drive, so we did it in two legs. We left Houston at 6pm and drove 6 hours to Bay St Louis, MS the first night, slept in the truck and headed out the next morning. We had packed the back of the truck with sleeping bags and bedding so we could sleep in the truck, a plan that played out well over the next 2 weeks.

I was planning on surprising Mom but the Mrs. insisted I call her once we got to Florida to give her a few hours notice. The surprise might have been ruined....but it gave Mom enough time to make me some meatloaf! She knows I love her meatloaf. :) After dinner, I slept in the truck again....Mom has cats...booooo allergies.

After one night in St Augustine, we shot down to Vero Beach (175 miles) to visit friends Kent and Liz. We met up with them in the early evening, lit a fire in the backyard, let Kent grill us some steaks and drank too much wine.

 It was one of those perfect evenings. Just hanging out with friends, shooting the shit.

 Kent and Liz have a dog...so allergy sufferer Me got to sleep in the truck...for the 3rd night in a row.

In the morning we struck out for the West Coast of Florida...Vero to Tampa (140 miles). Rather than take the interstate, we took State Road 60 which cuts across Florida through some smaller towns including Yeehaw Junction, Lake Wales, Bartow and Mulberry.

Somewhere along the way we found an RV supercenter...so we posed as interested shoppers and had a look.

They had LOADS of different types and styles of RVs...some were crazy expensive, some not so bad. We could definitely picture ourselves getting one in later years and tooling around the country.

They really have everything you could possibly need. Very cool indeed.

Back on the road, we have places to be! (not really, we didn't even know where we staying each night because we didn't tell anyone we were coming.)

Not much else to speak of along the way from Vero to Tampa...Citrus Groves...swamp....these two chicks crossing a 4 lane divided highway...on Rascals! Cross at the green, not in between!

Most of my family happened to be in St Pete visiting, so we all met up for an early dinner downtown. Perfect!

After dinner, we headed to Tony and Michelle's house...which we have never seen since they moved in when we were in Ireland. They have done a bunch of remodeling and have more to go, but the house is coming along great. Their son Carter is a bruiser and is totally the boss of his Dad. :)

Tony and Michelle also have a dog, but there was no way I was sleeping in the truck again. So I chanced having allergy problems and slept in their guest room. No problems at all...whew! A good nights rest and we were out and on the road again...but first, some big 'Merican Breakfast.

On the move after breakfast, we swung by Jim and Nancy's, got stuck at a drawbridge, and drove past our old house on the way to MegaKens.

We also drove by the Hindu Temple they had been building when we moved....neat!

Lots has changed at Megan and Ken's as well.....like this little munchkin...

It was great hanging out with the ol' neighbors...and having an allergy free bedroom to stay in!

The next day, we hit the road again to meet up with the family at Brian's house down in Punta Gorda.

Its rare we have most of us in one place, so it was nice  catching up.

We played with turtles.....

 ..saw some impressive bike riding...

...and Drank MOONSHINE! Standard family stuff really....

A great time....stay tuned for Road Trip part two coming soon.

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