23 August 2011


After 5 days in Bangladesh, 2 days in Singapore, and 3 days in Malaysia.....we were finally in Bangkok. Unfortunately, I had only planned a brief stop in Bangkok. We arrived at 10am and I had a flight leaving at 2am. Now, I know what you are thinking....that is not enough time for Bangkok!...

The only reason I squeezed Bangkok into this trip was to catch a super cheap flight from Bangkok to Cairo ($400!). I knew that someday the Mrs. and I would come back, so no big deal.

Matt & I arrived and rather than deal with buses etc, we hopped in a Tuk Tuk ...off we went! The Tuk Tuks in Bangkok are way bigger than the ones in Bangladesh. They are open and airy...so very pleasant! They are like the ones in India...but even nicer! Hooooray fancy Tuk Tuks!

Our destination was the famous backpacker ghetto of Khaosan Road.

The district is loaded with bars, restaurants, shops and cheap hostels/hotels. We met up with Matt's Korean friend Joo who happened to be in town and we all walked around together...took in the sites, and had some lunch.

Mmmmmmmm yummy Thai food! I had the above spicy beef noodle dish for lunch...and it kicked my ass! Spicy!

After spicy lunch, Joo took us to a traditional thai massage parlor (not that kind!) and we all got our asses kicked by middle aged Thai women intent on causing as much pain and discomfort as possible. After an hour long torture session, I felt great!...but was hungry again...go figure!

This is where the Mrs. is gonna be jealous...not once, but twice this day I had Pad Thai...and it was glorious.

I found this picture on the internet because I didnt take any of the Pad Thai. It was super delish...yummmm nom  nom nom nom.

That evening, after only 16 hours in Bangkok, I said my goodbyes to Matt and Joo, and headed to the airport for my 2am flight. It was a great short visit to Bangkok, I can't wait to return with the Mrs.

Next stop.......Cairo!

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