12 September 2011


Its no secret that Vienna is one of my favorite (quite possibly my favorite) places in the whole world. The year that Kelly and I spent in Vienna was a wonderful year full of great memories.

After 2 weeks of traveling through SE Asia and then a few days in Egypt, I couldn't wait to get "home" to Vienna.

Our good friend Richi met me at the airport and took me back to his apartment where I would be staying. Anita was at work, but she had made chili for me...isn't she the best?

(Warning: This post will contain many pictures of food...and many blurry pictures of people...you have been warned.)

Ok so, as if I needed more reasons to look forward to my Vienna trip....my bestest buddy Clayton flew in from Florida on day 2.....let the tomfoolery, horseplay and shenanigans begin!

Richi and Anita are awesome. Clayton and I had planned on staying at a hostel with friends Mike and Barbara, but when the hostel screwed up the reservation, we had to impose on Richi and Anita for a few nights.

They didn't seem to care at all...in fact, they cooked every night...

...and broke out the board games

Clayton and I were in Austria to coach for National Team weekend but we planned a lot of sightseeing for the other 4 days.

......then we decided we should probably stay in the hostel right around the corner from our favorite pub in Vienna....in fact, our favorite pub on Planet Earth.......Gary and Inge's.

Clayton and Gary
It was great to see our favorite pub hosts....but as it turned out, we spent WAY too much time there. In fact, the duration of our trip became a food and beer fest....I suppose it didn't help that all of our local friends were happy to hang out at Gary and Inge's as well...in fact, they were way too happy!

Stefan, Nicole, Gary, Henning, Peter, Melanie, Inge, Chris and Clayton....what a crew!

Always good to hang out with Stefan and Nicole...who as we know, will go to any party...anywhere...anytime...

Peter and Melanie....these two are perfect for each other. She might even be crazier than him!

New team manager and Old team manager.....
 This crew can only accomplish one thing...mayhem.

Having a hostel right next door didn't encourage any sort of discipline...thats for sure.

We did learn many valuable lessons though...

We're not as young as we used to be.

Holy Crap...is this trip over yet, I feel like Keith Richards near the end of a Stones tour.
I might be exaggerating. We did actually squeeze in plenty of sightseeing.

View of the Hofburg from the Graben
We walked around the inner city...and we sat around the inner city.

 We explored all the fancy buildings inside and around the Ringstrasse

We ate....alot.

Lunch at the Naschmarkt

Roast Pork with Dumpling and a giant Schnitzel

Clayton full....owwww my belly.
We stopped at the Kangaruh pub for some delicious Floris Honey beer...so sweet, so delicious!
 ...and, of course, we hung out with all the local lacrosse wackos as much as possible.

Clayton likes schnitzel and beer....alot.

Peter loves anything and everything American...he drives a Suburban and eats wings by the platter.
It was a fantastic week long vacation in Vienna.....and I, as usual, can't wait to go back.

Only one more stop on the summer trip....next up?  DUBLIN!

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