27 December 2011

Summer Road Trip (Part Two)

It occurs to me that we did a blog post about the first part of our summer road trip, but never did part two!

Ok to review, Part One was Houston to New Orleans to Tampa to St Augustine to Ft Sumter (SC) to Fayetteville (NC)......next stop?  Charlotte!

Ok well...turns out we didn't take any pictures in Charlotte...but we met up with friends Nancy and Sean...here's an older pic.

Because we didn't take any pictures, I forget exactly what we did...but I assume it involved drinking beer/wine and laughing.

Next stop was Greensboro to see Barry and his little angels Phoenix & Free. Once again, no pics...well, actually I got one......of Barry's house...

We were lucky enough to be visiting on the day of a school concert and not only got to see Free sing, but also got to see Barry's Mom as well!

Next stop was Baltimore for the NCAA Lacrosse Championships...although this year we didn't get tickets. We just stopped by to see all of our friends that go every year....and as was the theme for this road trip, we took no pictures. So here is what it would look like:

Next stop.. the Poconos!

Bear Lake....ancestral home of the Wight Clan...and one of my favorite places to go. Its not often I get to really relax....not for lack of opportunity of course, I just have a problem relaxing. The Lake gives you no other choice...it is forced relaxation.

The are chores to be done...but in true Lake form, they are laid back and pleasant. Like installing the dock for the summer.....

Me: I will hold this end down
Ned: I need you here in the water
Me: I'm not getting in that freezing water, I'll hold this end down.
Ned: I need you in the water
Me: I'll hold this end down

Other "chores" include.......

......making sure kids don't go floating off

.....sailing with Ned

....and taking the canoe out to look for beaver dams with Clayton

As always, it was a very pleasant weekend....Thank you Wights!

Next stop?

New York on Memorial Day.

Made all the usual stops, including interrupting my father's sun worshiping routine to give him a chicken salad sandwich the size of a football...look at that thing!

We also got to take the ultra convenient Long Island Rail Road.........

Kelly looks for the next train....
 ...and what New York trip would be complete without a visit to see the coolest niece.....

...and the coolest brother-in-law....

Stay tuned for part 3 of our Summer Road Trip, where we pick up a Leprechaun and bring him to see the King.

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