27 November 2012

New Life...Texas Style

Ok.....so...since we moved back to the good ol' U. S. of A. 2 years ago, we have been neglecting the blog. (clearly).

It seemed more important, and easier, to blog when we were galavanting around the world. Our day-to-day grind here seems not only less interesting but uneventful. That being said, we have a great life here.


I have my dream job...teaching little munchkins how to play lacrosse...

Including my two future lacrosse superstar nephews

We got a house and finally got it furnished.

 We get to have my brother's kids over as often as we like....just like the old days.

..and the Mrs. and I get to do all sorts of new, fun stuff....with a Texas twist.

Like, BBQ Gospel Sunday Brunch in Austin

Four Wheeling at our friends farm in Brenham

Midget Wrestling...yes MIDGET WRESTLING!

Go shopping for Texas-y stuff

 Celebrate American Football season again...

 Wear cowboy boots

Plant a garden

Help friends set coyote traps

Sit around on the couch, watch TV, eat and drink

Remember why we hate football season

Go to concerts

More shopping...Texas style

Feed the cows

...and burn shit!

Life in Texas is fun...and we have a lot more of it to explore.

We WILL be updating the blog more often...hopefully regularly...stay tuned.


voyance sérieuse said...

on en prend plein les yeux merci :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing pictures