31 December 2013

Kid Life

Kids on my street frequently play right outside my house and , as I am the only house with a basketball net, they play basketball in my driveway. Today they decided to throw footballs from across the street and try to hit baskets. Instead of hitting baskets, they were peppering my house (and truck) with 30-40 yd bombs....and it sounded like bombs.

I was gonna go out there and tell them to stop before they break a window or dent my truck, then I thought back to my youth. I remember making up new games which were only limited by how many kids we had and what miscellaneous sporting equipment was laying about. Baseball bat and volleyball? VolleyBat, no problem. Wiffleball bat, skateboards and a softball? Street polo. What fun we used to have......we annoyed the hell out of all of our neighbors.

Instead of telling them stop, I went outside and said "Ok, what are the rules here?" They were ecstatic to explain them to me. You have to stay on the driveway across the street and if you hit a tree someone gets to punch you etc etc etc. I watched for a while, then I went back inside.

As I was typing this the 13 year old from across the street threw a football 35 yds directly into my basketball net......swish....nothing but net. Watched it from the window. Unbelievable.

The neighborhood kids went bananas.

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Steve said...

Love it. Fun to be the cool neighbor and not the one yelling at all the kids.