18 August 2016

We're Back! ...and we're in Cyprus!

After six years in Texas, the casual observer might have been convinced we had settled down and were letting the roots take hold....then one day friends of ours mentioned they had a flat in Cyprus that we could use if we liked....BLAMMO! The Mrs and I did a joint judo kick of the apple cart and before we knew it we had quit our jobs, sold the majority of our stuff, said "adios" to Texas and were on the road again!

What the F is wrong with us?

Ok so Cyprus is here:

The island is split into the Republic of Cyprus in the South and the Turkish controlled North. We had been to Cyprus once before in 2010 (previous blog post can be found in the menu to the right) but that was a beachy, touristy vacation in the south which is pretty much a Florida-like destination for the Brits. This time around we find ourselves in a quiet area of the rural northern coast dotted with vacation villa communities and expat retirees.

We had no idea what to expect and were stunned when we got to our friend's flat.

Coastal view to the north....and mountain view to the south!


Since arriving 10 days ago we have slid into a pretty easy-breezy schedule of lazy mornings including breakfast and tea, a few lazy hours of poolside reading, a light, leisurely lunch...maybe some more poolside reading or napping followed by 4pm happy hour with new friends at the poolside bar! Eventually we head back to the house for dinner or go to one of a few places within 15-20 minutes walk for dinner/music.

We've borrowed a car a few times to run to the local market and also drove into Kyrenia to sort out a data card for internet, but other than that we haven't gone anywhere...certainly a big adjustment for us.

Now that we're settled, we'll look to make trips around the island to some of the incredible historic archeological sites as well as the golden beaches and donkey sanctuary of the north east peninsula...

More to come soon!

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