08 May 2008

Spring is here !

by Chris

Its hard to believe but the weather has been gorgeous for like 4-5 days in a row !

Of course the nice weather coincides with Kelly's first week of work :(

This is what Working Kelly looks like on her lunch break

In Dublin, Spring is the season of everyone running outside on their lunchbreak and camping out on any piece of grass they can find.

Its an infestation of suited business people ! They are like bugs (between noon and 2pm)

They are everywhere !

This post is gonna hop around a bit so hang on....

Last week, after Tony & I went hill walking/hiking, we drove down to Dalkey to meet up with Suzanne & Canadian Mike for lunch.

Dalkey is a charming little village on the coast just south of Dublin and is home to many celebrities including, you guessed it, Bono.

After lunch and few pints, Tony went home whilst Mike, Suzanne and I took the train back into Dublin.

Mike & Suzanne, they look like celebrities don't they?

Once we got into town, we met up with Working Kelly and then we ran into our friend Peter at the Waterloo pub.

Suzanne , Kelly and Peter

On a different night, we met up with Mike and Patrice for dinner at Gourmet Burger where I showed them my patented eat-spicy-wings-and-sweat-through-your-clothes trick. We then went downtown and had coffee and banoffee pie, before heading to BiaBar to meet up with Johnny & Evalina.

Here is Johnny aka Baby Jack Bauer, looking smart in his glasses.

Evalina, Patrice & Michael putting on their glasses

Michael & Patrice

The morning before we met up with Mike and Patrice, Kelly and I went to the Farmer's market in Ranelagh and had some delicious Falafel Pitas and a nice walk about town.

For lunch we had antipasto & wine at an Italian place with outdoor seating, then we got ice cream !

Yummy Ice Cream !

We also found Lionel Richie's Lampost

It was the first warm Spring day....goodbye Winter !

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Becky said...

What?! How random is that Lionel Richie Lampost? Things look lovely over there, I like to sit along side of 54th ave and eat my lunch too. It is very much the same atmopshere as over there. :)

Really does look nice though!! Hi to Suzanne! Hope her foot isn't all swollen due to the spring weather!