11 July 2008

Beijing Week Four

by Chris

Sorry about the lack of activity lately.

The Great Firewall of China gives me problems sometimes when I try to access the ol' blog.
The Fourth of July in China proved to be an eventful evening. I met up with some of the local lacrosse guys after work and went to Tim's Texas Roadhouse !
Yeeeehhaaaawwwww !
My pictures are a bit fuzzy a) cause i was drinking beer and b) cause i didnt want to be the guy taking pictures with a flash like a tourist

Besides drinking 42 pitchers of beer and playing long distance darts, one of the coolest things was that the music was off of a laptop with iTunes...which our merry little band had control of !
Some of our group, Charlie on drums and Jeff on vocals, took this to the next level by jumping on stage and putting on a concert...real drums, fake vocals

I don't know why signs crack me up so much. I've seen a bunch of great ones but didn't have my camera. Here's one at the roadhouse.

Not Men....just Man....
We left the roadhouse and walked down the street to catch a cab...right near the new US Embassy, the largest embassy in the world. Pretty cool looking when its all lit up huh?

On another day, we went out after work to welcome Will (striped shirt) after his first day. We had pizza and beer at Kro's Nest, then went to the Saddle...a mexican joint where we added Tequila to the mix.
The problem was we had ridden our bikes there straight after work.
Tequila + Beer + Bikes = Riding home with Sombreros on ringing the bicycle bells and speaking Spanish to the local Chinese people.

On yet a different night, I decided to cook a good Irish meal for my roomies...I advertised it as "Irish Night" complete with Guinness and Cider as beverages. Problem was, once we got to the store we couldnt find any of the ingredients i needed.

So we had German Night instead !

With the help of my amigo Flaco (Wills new name since the bike ride) we whipped up a very hearty meal of bratwursts, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and bread.
below, coworkers eating dinner...Chris, TtotheE, Flaco, El Hefe and Boomer

I have more pictures to post and will have a lot more after this weekend. Saturday I am going to the Forbidden City and on Sunday the whole gang from the office is taking a private charter bus to the Great Wall...wooooohooooooo !
Plus, I'll be posting about Boomer's 38th Birthday Blowout Bonanza yesterday.


Becky said...

1) German food rules! Irish food drools!
2) How do they work in that building with it being that bright. What is the point of that?
3)Make sure to write your name on the great wall, "man"!

beckajane said...

i shouldnt be jealous but i am.. who would have thunk it? i am getting jaded with the party life...its frightening me

Anonymous said...

lmao of course thats what you made a big helping of things that look like penises for your friends