29 July 2008

Next up ? Finland !

by Chris
Just when I get settled back in....BAM ! I'm off again !

This time though, Kelly & I get to go together...whew.

This Friday starts training camp for Team Ireland as we prepare to depart on Monday for our long awaited trip to the European Lacrosse Championships in Finland.

This will be our first trip together to Scandanavia and the extreme Northern reaches of Europe.
(Kelly went to Norway when she was 10)

I'm flying into Helsinki and Kelly is flying into Tampere a few days later...we'll meet up at the tournament which is being held in Lahti.

While I'm busy coaching, Kelly will have the opportunity to take some side trips with Patrice. Michael K. apparently has put together a dossier of side trip options for our ladies including Estonia, Stockholm and St Petersburg.

Keep an eye out for blog posts from...who knows !


beckajane said...

woo hoo bring on the pain...although it will be difficult enough for me to actually have to wear clothing at all, im sure the lax will seem a breeze (who am i kidding im bricking it!)

Alli Arnold said...

BRICKING IT? Does that mean what I think it does, BeckaJane?

Have fun in Finland, folks!

xoxo A

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW , what a life. Russia, Sweden, Estonia ( which I know nothing about, Chris please fill me in0 , andFinland ! I look forward to readin g all about it .
Kelly don't you leave Scandanavia without acquiring a pair of those cool native slippers or shoes ,like the ones you got years ago .
Love, Helen

Becky said...

St Petersburg! Call me when you get here!
Hardy Har Har Har!

Have fun guys, first Finland and then the WORLD!