05 November 2008

Swiss Family Haltigan

My time in Switzerland was centered around home base at Haltigan Haus in Zurich.

Centrally located and easily accessible by public transportation, I was able to hop out to other locations easily from the Zurich main train station.

Michael & Gabi already have a full house with 3 kids, but they made room for me....but you have to be careful, cause lil' Moira is always underfoot ! She logs about 100 miles a day and brings her smile to wherever the action is.

Gabi had to work much of the time that I was there, which means Michael was HausFrau, making meals etc...and a great job he does indeed.

My little buddy Silas was the star of the show, he's at that perfect age where you can barely stand how cute they are....especially when they just want to spend time with you.

It wasn't all fun and games, there was serious business as well...like starting the boys' lacrosse training...Silas & Juri got a few lessons and I left a stick there with a rigid training schedule.

Somehow I didn't get a picture of Gabi...(sorry) but I thank all the Swiss Haltigans for their hospitality.... Vielen herzlich Dank

Ladies & gentlemen....presenting Silas...enjoy


Alli Arnold said...

I was waiting to see you give him the scissors, next!

What a cute family and cute house! I want to be Swiss. Shoot.

Becky said...

Me too! I want to be a swiss family Haltigan! That little guy is too cute.

Swissman said...

It was great seeing you again after 8 years. My kids are going through "Chris" withdrawal now. Moira fell in love with you and hates me now and Silas asks everyday, "Wo isch Chris?" You are more then welcome to set up shop here by us on your Lacrosse Clinic European Swing-throughs. With a little luck, we'll have more space next time. Continued Success buddy. See you soon.

Chris said...

One day when I was in Bern I called back to Zurich to tell Michael when I would be "home"...Silas answered the phone on the first ring and started chewing my ear off in German...asking me where I was and what I was doing...when I would be home etc...So i told him and he said ok good...then hung up.....lol

I tried stuffing him in my suitcase but he didn't like it too much. We'll work on that next time.

Anonymous said...

How great you were able to spend time with them and thank you so much for the pictures and narrative, giving us a teeny look into Michael's life in Switzerland.