06 November 2008

Hello Vienna !

After 5 days in Germany and 5 days in Switzerland, it was time for the long distance train to Austria !

I took the overnight train from Zurich to Vienna which takes about 9 1/2 hours. I got a schlaftwagen (sleeper car) berth, or as I like to think of it, a small closet with a sink.

The ride was pretty cool, I left the window shade open so i could see the train zippping through sleepy little villages and see the farms at night. Thats all great, but I woke up at midnight to find us stopped at a well lit station with people standing right outside my window. I gave them all a wave and a smile and went back to my bunk. The train was louder then I thought it would be, and was a fairly bumpy, shaky ride, but all in all a great experience doing the overnight bit on the train.
Morning on the train was nice, as my breakfast was delivered and I shaved (didnt cut myself) before arriving in beautiful Vienna.

I stayed at friends Richi & Anita's house (Thanks again) for two nights. I coached the Vienna Cherokees Men's & Women's teams, one each day and took a whole day to go sightseeing with Richi, pictured below.

Kelly & I had been to Vienna last year and it is a really beautiful city. As an added bonus, it is safe and you can drink the tap water. Vienna has some of the best water in Europe (due to its close proximity to snow melt from the alps) and, as Richi is quick to point out, the water they use in their toilets is better then most tap water elsewhere.

So Richi and I just went around drinking out of toilets like dogs.

Around every corner in Vienna is another majestic building to remind you of its very important past....a truly grand city.

They also have some kickass graffitti.

Richi and I crisscrossed the city on the U-Bahn (subway). I've seriously spent more times on trains this trip then the last 15 years combined.

Last November when we were in Vienna it was cold and snowy....this time, very very nice. Chilly but clear and sunny.

The Danube


I even had a chance to pop in to our favorite gasthaus from our last visit and say hello to Gary & Inge.

I spent an afternoon wandering around alone, making my way to the evening lacrosse practice.

I don't know what it is about Vienna but its got charm.

Everywhere you go....BAM! more beautiful scenery.

....but the rails were calling my name. After 3 days it was time to move on to the next stop...back on the train Arnold !

I boarded this futuristic train headed back to Germany to visit my old home, Nurnberg.


Anonymous said...

well written , Chrissy!
Love, Helen

Chris said...

Danke Helen !