11 April 2009

Flat Marley in Dublin

When we opened our mail the other day, Kelly and I were surprised to find that Marley, daughter of our friends Tim & Jessica in Virginia, had stuffed herself in an envelope and mailed herself to Ireland !

We were of course delighted to see her, but a 3 day transatlantic trip left Marley very hungry, so we took her to one of our favorite lunch spots for a hearty Irish meal of Lamb Stew.

The purpose of Marley's trip was to start looking at colleges, even though she's only 8 she is already think about her future. She loves school, so we took her to one of the best.

Trinity College

Marley was happy to learn that Trinity is one of the best schools for art & literature in Ireland, as she loves books and art. She loved the campus and even made a new friend !

Paddy was visiting from the States and is also thinking about attending university at Trinity.

Marley also wanted to go sightseeing around Dublin so we walked around the city and even went to Dublin Castle.

It was a beautiful day and Marley really liked Dublin. Next week she is going to visit one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in all of Europe, Göttingen University in Germany.


tina haltigan said...

very cute!!! Ilove flat Marley in Ireland

Alli Arnold said...

I can't believe that Flat Paddy wasn't made by the same hands! He's the same shape and proportions as Flat Marley! There is something a(flat)foot! I want to know what's going on! And how did Paddy lose a tooth!

Alli Arnold said...

And why does Flat Marley have an "S" on her shirt, not an "M"? I NEED ANSWERS!!!

Chris said...

Apparently, this is a popular project for second graders around the US. I do find it odd that I should run into another Flat person at Trinity though.

I imagine that in the book "Flat Stanley" has an S on his shirt.

Anonymous said...

lol funny post

Anonymous said...

Bobby got a flat Stanley in the mail last year. He kept him very busy and took lots of pictures. Flat Stanley worked in the yard, went to work at the Post, swam in the pool and went on calls for the fire dept. When he sent him back with the pics our friends daughterr Allison who sent him Flat Stanley was thrilled!! She has a crush on Bobby it is so cute!! Mrynn

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris and Kelly,

WE WANT MORE Flat Marley!!!

Love, Flat Marley's Mom