08 April 2009

Sunny Vienna !

This past weekend was one I've been anticipating for months. My trip to Vienna as new Head Coach of the Austrian National Men's Lacrosse Team.

Back on Aer Lingus....again. I had only spent 4 days at home after my trip to Poland, but off I went to Vienna for 4 days.

I take the early morning (7am) flights because they are cheapest, they get you into your destination at midday and they even serve a decent enough airline version of an Irish Breakfast.

Upon arrival in Vienna, I was picked up at the airport by Beni & Henning who had apparently cleared their calendars to spend the day with me. Excellent !

The weather was absolutely beautiful, sunny and about 25 C (78 F).

So off we went to the Bier Garten !

above, Beni & Henning at the Schweizer Haus

You'd be hard pressed to find a better activity on a beautiful day then sitting in a beer garden.

Oh waiter ! 3 more beers !

So we sat and talked...laughed....drank and ate.

Then we walked around the Prater.

and the Prater Gardens.

They dropped me off at my Vienna home away from home at the apartment of good friends Richi & Anita who, once again, let me crash at their pad.

Anita even made chili.

above, Richi stirs the chili.

A big thanks to everyone in Austria, especially the Heavy Metal Hobbits for letting me stay at their Hobbit Hole. More pics and stories from tryouts coming soon !

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Alli Arnold said...

Yeah, I'm gonna need to see pictures of a Heavy Metal Hobbit Hole.