11 June 2009

Memorial Day for Grandpa

Some people are most comfortable alone, some people prefer a small group of friends, and some people just like big parties. My Grandfather was the latter. A big party was his time to shine, he sang, he told stories, he liked to pal around with his brothers, nephews, cousins etc.

It was only fitting that we had my Grandfathers memorial service on Memorial Day weekend followed by a big Maddock party in Aunt Jackie's backyard like days of old. There was singing and storytelling, food, drink and above all else, laughter.

It was the first time in a long while that many of us were together.

Its always good to see Barry, in from California/Argentina

above, Dad, Barry and Alli (Rock Star)

below, Aunt Gloria (the coolest!) , me and my Dad.

Somebody had a great idea for a cake !

and when was the last time the 5 of us in my family were all together in NY ? Who knows !

Brian & I, Alli, Dad & Mom
Looking good Arnolds....looking good.


Anonymous said...

Brian is starting to look like charles barkley

Anonymous said...

Don't they mean Knarles Barkley ?
Nice family picture, really nice. it's a framer!