16 June 2009

My wife is Greek/Lebanese and my neighbors think I am a nutjob

Recently, we had a lovely visit from Cousin Kris and Friend Jen from Long Island. They got to see Ireland via a few day trips to Northern Ireland and Wicklow. We also showed them around Dublin, all the usual spots of course. I'm sure Kelly will blog about that sometime soon.

Although my wife is an American of Irish & German heritage, she thinks she is from the shores of some sunny Mediterranean land. If left on her own, everyday she would eat olives, hummus, baba ganoush , falafel, pesto, tzatziki, and anything else they eat in Greece or places like that. I love the food too, but my wife is obsessed !

We haven't had a dinner conservation in two years that didnt include her suggesting "Ohhhhhh we could go to that Lebanese place downtown?" In fact, when Frankie was visiting recently, we went to the Lebanese place...and even ended up buying a couple of bottles of wine to go !

above, our weekly cheese/olive/hummus,tomato,pesto,homemade bab ganoush dinner.

All this is washed down with red wine from the region....of course.

When Flaco (Will) was visiting on his way back to NY from Beijing, he brought me a nifty little sword souvenir...nice huh ?

NO ! Not nice...I have somehow developed a habit of picking it up and unsheating it, and resheathing it over and over again when I'm pacing around on the phone.

The other day I realized, after a 45 minute conference call, that I had been doing this with the drapes open and my neighbors were staring at me with puzzled looks...they quickly looked away when I looked at them....because I was carrying a freakin sword...oh brother.


Alli Arnold said...

Somebody's gonna call the Garda on your sword-wielding arse!

Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbor gave a big knife to my son last week and said to only kill one person a day!
What should I do ?
Signed, is my turn next ?


Anonymous said...

I am part greek/lebanese but I am also a latin girl and part indian. You should see me with my zils.

Brian Arnold said...

I remember when You and Mom used to think I was related to Jamie Farr of M.A.S.H. fame. I think you have a infatuation with the Lebanese and deflect it on your closest loved ones. Marhaba Kelly !!

Chris said...

In my wedding pictures you look like Jamie Farr, he just happens to be Lebanese. Its not that I have a conspiracy theory going about the Lebanese. I , in fact, love the Lebanese people. I love their food and music. Kelly & I stayed in a Lebanese neighborhood in London over Christmas 2000, everyone was extremely nice to us and we felt very welcome.

So you can update your records, you no longer look like Jamie Farr. As Jimbo pointed out on one of our last posts, you look like Charles Barkley or I think Mr Potato Head with bags of sausages as hands.

أنت ممتلئ الجسم ، وهناك كافر كسب جميع انحاء قميصك. السلام عليكم.
(you are a plump infidel and there is gravy all over your shirt. Peace be with you.)

Anonymous said...

Dude you need like a helmet or battle armour and then go over and ask the neighbors why they keep looking in you windows.


Chris said...

Tomorrow I'm gonna get a cannon and wheel it around while I'm on the phone...

Anonymous said...

So does Brian have more hair than you and less gray?