12 October 2009

The Perfect Sunday ?

On Sunday I went out to Pickwicks Cafe', an English speaking book shop / video store / coffee shop / bar down near Schwedenplatz for some breakfast, a Guinness and to read. They have hundreds of books laying about so I have been stopping in and reading:
As John Irving is one of Kelly's favorite authors I figured I couldn't go wrong. Its a fabulous read, the only problem is I'm doing it 25-40 pages at a time over one cup of coffee (or one pint of beer).

I did some wandering downtown and since it was Sunday (many museums are free on Sunday) I went to the Roman museum and learned all about Roman Vienna (Vindabona).

Next stop was the English Cinema on Mariahilferstrasse. I got there around 2pm but there weren't any good movies coming up so I decided to kill some time at a Gasthaus. Some of you will remember that when I was making regular trips to Vienna, I would always stop by at a particular pub run by San Franciscan Gary and his Austrian wife Inge.
(see my first visit here)

Well needless to say, "waiting for a movie" turned into another beer...then another....then some pork cutlets with rice, then another beer. Then I decided I should wait it out until Kelly got back from Budapest by train at 6pm which, conveniently, was at the Westbahnhof right down the street.

By 6:30, after 4 hours at the pub, Kelly & Laura showed up and we had a great time eating and drinking with Gary und Inge. Its like hanging out at their house. We had a great time.

We watched Snooker on TV (pool with a bunch of extra balls on a giant table) and Gary also taught us some crazy card game with some wacky cards.

The night ended with appricot schnapps....and a warm fuzzy feeling.

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Alli Arnold said...

Sweet, and Schnappy!