06 October 2009

Austrian Lacrosse Championship Weekend

A great season ended this past weekend with some great lacrosse and some minor controversy.

The undefeated Vienna Cherokees played the undefeated Vienna Monarchs in the Championship. It was a fantastic game, with the Cherokees surprising everyone, including the favored Monarchs with a controlled, disciplined game which was rewarded by an 8-4 lead going into the 4th quarter.

Unfortunately the 'Kees couldn't hold on to the lead and the Monarchs chipped away. At the end of regulation the score was tied 8-8.

..and thats how it ended. Apparently the Austrian league rules currently state that there is no overtime in a championship match, so you go back to the points from the regular season to calculate a winner.

On that note, the Monarchs were declared the winners. The undefeated 3 time defending champion Cherokees will have to wait until next year to set the record straight. The league will be changing their rules in the off season.

The Cherokee girls played very well this weekend also, stomping the Lady Monarchs on Saturday, but losing to the League champion Gladiators from Graz.

Minor problems aside, I'm very happy with the way we played. This off season will be full of improvements so next year the 'Kees will kick some ass !

The National Team is also switching gears and ramping up for the world championships in Manchester next year. Check our web site for more info and find us on Facebook !


Becky said...

That's a great picture at the end there! "Ok so this is what we do!"
Sorry the butterflies beat you guys, next year!!! Those rules are total bush league btw.

Anonymous said...

that pink helmet is sick tell him i want it what does he want in trade anything i tell you