08 February 2010

I Cricl'd Yes

Got a very important piece of mail today. I knew it was important because it said KELLY! on the front.

Clearly this was no ordinary piece of mail.

And it came in PEACE, which is always nice.

The double exclamation marks !KELLY! on the back told me I should waste no time tearing it open to check the contents.

And I was neither mistaken, nor disappointed. It was indeed both important and exciting. From my best friend Eva! no less.

And the answer is yes, Eva, I will be your Pen Pale.



Anonymous said...

That just made my day. I was so curious what was in that envelope she sent off to you!
Eva adores you and I do too.
love Annie G

Tina Haltigan said...

I love it. You have a pen pal and another best friend. Anne your daughter is adorable