22 February 2010

Kunsthistorisches Museum

This weekend the Mrs. was out of town, traveling in France with Irish Friend Suzanne (in Toulouse with Suze), and my lacrosse practice was cancelled. What would I do with two whole free days? Well, day one was spent around the house, straightenting and getting caught up on things I had been delaying.

Day Two..... The Museum of Art History beckoned.

One of the best Fine Arts (and Decorative Arts) Museums in the World...and I have a yearly pass! There are several different locations and exhibits around town that make up the entire museum collection, but the Picture Gallery is a pretty solid way to spend an afternoon.

above, Madonna of the Meadow by Raffaelo

The collection is mainly made up of the Hapsburgs private collection...so as you can imagine its pretty impressive.

below, The Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel

The picture gallery is divided into two wings...one of mainly Southern Art (Italian, French, Spanish) and the other dedicated to Northern Art (Dutch, Flemish, German)

below, Tower of Babel...also by Bruegel
I generally spend more time with the Italians and the Spanish...but this time I tried to see what the Flemish were all about.

I'm alwasy drawn to anything by German Albrecht Durer as he is a native son of Nurnberg. I've been to his former house there and seen lots if his work, but also...we share a birthday...May 21

below, The Adoration of the Trinity by Durer
I had the audio guide this time (and not just the free one, the upgraded one for 1.50 Euro!). I got a lot of information that was very interesting...and alot that was not.

My favorite picture from this weekend is "Feast of the Bean King" by Jacob Jordaens.

He actually made several versions of this theme, which is a party taking place on Jan 6th, The Epiphany.

Its an old Flemish Folk Custom that they put a bean in a cake for the Epiphany party. Whoever gets the bean in his piece of cake is the King for the party. The most beautiful girl is the Queen, and several other people are voted into offices such as the King's taster, the Royal Physician etc. Everyone else becomes part of the Court and the party continues. There is a lot going on in this picture, thats for sure. There's even a scroll on the floor that reads, "Nothing seems more like a madman than a drunkard."

To learn more about the Kunsthistorisches Museum click here

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Anonymous said...

The Trinity picture is spectacular. Truly all very interesting paintings. I am a bit envious. (see the FWS)