13 July 2010

Incredible India


One more trip before heading back Stateside....this time I'll be going to India and Nepal in late August!

I'll be meeting up with Flaco who will be moving from Beijing to Houston...we'll meet in India and do a Rajsthani Ramble hoping to avoid most of the Monsoon rains.

(Rajasthan in Pink)

We'll do a day or two in Delhi, before flying out to Nepal. We'll stay in and around Kathmandu for 3 days, including the Gai Katra cow festival.

Then back to Delhi for the overnight train to Jaisalmer, The Golden City.

After 2 days in Jaisalmer, we'll take the train to Jodhpur, The Blue City.

After 2 days, we'll move on to the Pink City...Jaipur.

Last but not least, Agra...home of the Taj Mahal.

Incredible India...I can't wait.

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