06 August 2010

M, M & K do P

Good evening ladies and gents, you're tuned in to the third and final installment of M&M come to Europe in which our heroines travel to Paris, France to sample the cheese, drink lemony beer (panaché en Francais) and wander the streets. Regular readers may recall that the girls traveled from Austria to Switzerland and now are rounding out their ten day tour in Paris....

Our arrival coincided with Bastille Day (observe le tricolore flying everywhere) and also with a massive rainstorm. But after seven days of walking, hiking, eating, drinking & playing with children in the heat, we were happy for a chance to take it easy.
We ate our first meal (and drank our first wine and panachés) at a brasserie just around the corner from our charming little hotel in the Marais neighborhood. I had to share my salad with Mademoiselle Ladybug but I didn't mind. She was very gracious and said "Merci beaucoup."

Then the day cleared up nicely, just in time for a late afternoon cruise down the Seine...

...and a stroll past some of Paris's sites. Three European capitals in ten days equals a lot of ground to cover. We three agreed before we even reached Paris that we couldn't see all the city has to offer so we wouldn't kill ourselves trying. It made for loosely planned days, a relaxed attitude and possibly getting lost once or twice (oops!!)

But don't think that means we just lazed away each day eating cheese in cafés (though there was plenty of that.) We also conquered The Metro.

Admired Miss Eiffel in the daylight, and as she sparkled at night.

I think all ladies sparkle in the Paris moonlight.

We also indulged in a little nostalgia and retraced some of Moira's steps from her last trip to Paris with her parents (our aunt & uncle) about twenty years ago. It made us all feel a little bit closer to two people we love and miss. Warm fuzzies - Parisian style.

And speaking of warm fuzzies, Monsieur Le Chat said bon jour to us while we wandered in Saint-Germain-des-Pres.

We spent a few hours wandering Montmartre, here are the girls in front of Sacré Coeur.

When you stroll around Paris at night, you see she really earns her nickname The City of Light.

Day or night, she's a pretty city (who apparently inspires me to try and be Ansel Adams with my little point & shoot Canon on sepia setting.)

But the best photographer of the trip was the waitress at dinner on our last night. Aren't we lovely?

And that, my dear people, ends the saga of M,M & K in Europe. It was an amazing ten days spent showing off some of my favorite places to some of my favorite people. We were downright pooped by the end and ready to go home for some wine-free downtime. Which I think is a sign of a well-planned and well-executed holiday. An even better sign? After a few days rest we all three agreed (via email) that we were good and rested up and ready for another ten days. I wish!!

I love you M & M, thanks for the good times.


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