02 August 2010

Wachsteinfest in the Waldviertl

We were very lucky that before we left Austria we got a chance to go to the Waldviertl (Forest Quarter).

Kelly in the woods...looking for elves.

Our good friends Richi & Anita were going up to Traunstein where Anita's family have a summer home and for this weekend's Wachsteinfest.

Traunstein is smack dab in the middle of nowhere about 2 hours drive from Vienna. Its a sleepy little village surrounded by farmland and woods...but they have a secret.

They like to party.

They like to have big parties.
Very, very big parties!

Since winter is very rough up in the Waldviertl, during the summer they have a series of Fests, every other week or so. Up to 4,000 people come from around the area and hang out in their special party zone in the woods. Its pretty freakin' cool.

They have bands.
...and maybe 10 bars scattered throughout the hillside, some built right into the rock.
They have 100's of picnic tables scattered about up and down the hill, tucked away behind rocks and wherever they could find level or semi-level ground.
Kelly & Richi
It was a great time for sure...but it wasn't just about the Party in the Woods.

Walkin around the country
We had all day and good weather on Saturday to walk around the beautiful countryside.

Cool, quiet....dark...very Lords of the Ring-ish.
Coffee & homemade cakes at Anita's parents house.
At the end of the day, we went to Anita's parents house for some delicious homemade apricot cake and coffee, then had a nice nap....after the nap?


Its always nice visiting a place when you have locals to show you around...and feed you!

It was truly a perfect weekend getaway.

Before leaving on Sunday, we went back into the woods for lunch. During the daytime, they have traditional music and food. Its understandably mobbed with people. What a great way to spend a Sunday with the family.

A very special thanks to Anita, Richi & Anita's parents for being so generous and welcoming us to their little corner of Austria.

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Janice A. said...

Love , love , love this. Looks like a blast.