28 January 2011

To the Manor Born

Welcome to Giraffe Manor.

This is Helen

She wants to know if you have any food.

This is Patrick, he's hungry too.

They'll slurp it right outta your hand, using their long, grey, slimy tongues. But it's cool, cause their saliva is a natural antiseptic.

They live here, with a bunch of their friends. It's called Giraffe Manor and it's a super posh hotel built in the 1930's and modeled after a Scottish country home. You can stay there and the giraffes will keep you company as you breakfast on the back veranda.

Or you can just come with a truck full of overland travelers on a budget. Then you get to admire the giraffes, feed them handfuls of food, learn about their brethren in Africa, wash your hands and return to your campsite in Nairobi.

...where you'll be thinking of Helen and Patrick and wishing you were sleeping at their manor house.



Anonymous said...

I would like to illustrate this post and submit it to publishers.


Let's discuss.

xo Drawing Shirl

Tina Haltigan said...

Do it Shirl!!