30 March 2011

Monster Truck Jam!

There are a few things you don't get a chance to do when living in Europe....but now we live in Texas.

When our friend Kyle suggested we all go to the Monster Truck Show, we said he must certainly be joking.

He was not......and we went....and it was freakin awesome!

We had a blast! It was loud...and there were giant trucks jumping over stuff!

I can't believe how much we enjoyed it...I guess when you are sitting with 25,000 other people you can pretty much enjoy anything...but Monster Trucks are cool.

above, the crowd favorite "Gravedigger"

We all picked our favorites. Kelly's was "El Toro Loco" because he had horns on his truck.

After a few rounds of 1 on 1 races around a course, they got into the freestyle competition which was the real fun. Every time someone rolled their truck or flipped over the place went NUTS!

It was a great evening indeed.

below, Kelly and Kyle

Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwww  !


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Chris said...

Thanks Freddy...we've been out of the loop for a while but are getting back into blogging. Your blog looks good too!

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