24 March 2011

Scenes from a 10 Day Road Trip

China, Texas
population 1,112

All six buildings of the Mobile, Alabama skyline

Battleship Park, Alabama

How you know you've reached Florida.

A friend's little piece of heaven. Vero Beach, Florida

Motor Home shopping for shits n giggles.  Middle-of-Nowhere, Florida.

Hindu Temple, Tampa.

A legendary St Paddy's Day meal.

A Louisiana traffic jam.

A pretty vista.  Mississippi?

A cool white-tiled tunnel soothes the eyes after all the bright sunshine.

Heading home, just like us.


1 comment:

Alli Arnold said...

I'm glad you got a picture of the "toy hauler" in there.

Toy hauler?

56 days 'til we do it again :)

xo Aa