03 February 2011

Things to Do With an Elephant

If you and your friends find yourselves with some time on your hands and a spare elephant, here are a few suggestions on how to spend the morning.

You could start with a little conversation.  Elephants like to get to know you.

If you like each other, he might even let you sit on his lap.

Just don't be surprised if he gives you a hug while you are there....

...or tickles you, elephants like to tickle.

He'll probably pose for some photos if you ask nicely.

It's fun to climb up on his back, if he doesn't object.

While you're up there he may reach back to see how you're doing.  This is a good time to share any snacks you have with you.

And if he's in the mood, he'll stand up to show you just how tall he is.

If you have any elephant expert friends they can get up there too and show you some really neat tricks.

You may get tired after all the playing, in which case an elephant comes in handy for resting against.

Just don't forget the elephant might be tired too, yawning is a sign.

And when he wants to go home, you should let him. It's just not a good idea to get in an elephant's way, even if he is your friend.


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Anonymous said...

Great post Kel. Amazing photos.