04 February 2011

Winter Wonderland

After spending Christmas in NY, the Mrs. and I planned on going to visit friends in Maine. Due to the snowstorm, our flight was canceled...undeterred, we rented a car and drove.

It was a pleasant 5 1/2 hour drive...after all the Mrs. and I had been separated for 3 months, so it was great spending some quiet time together.

Our destination was the home of old friends Ned and Patty, just outside Portland. We haven't been up to see them in 10 years, so thing were a bit different.

Most noticeably, these two additions.

Laurel and Jillian

Besides having the two cutest kids on the planet, Ned and Patty also have a kick-ass colonial era farmhouse!

....and a barn!
We stopped by the fish market and got some lobsters...which, after boiling, were cooled off outside.

Once the lobsters were ready. N and P picked the meat off and made Lobster bisque soup to go with the grilled scallops....oh so yummy.

above, Kelly reads to the kids whilst seafood goodness is concocted in the kitchen

below, grilled scallops, lobster soup, salad and wine...whats better then that?

It was great hanging out with our old friends.

...and meeting their ridiculously cute children...here is a clip from snowshoeing.

Thanks Portlanders! We'll be back soon!

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