24 May 2007

One number and two little words....

240 jello shots!!
Seriously - we raised our glass several times over the beach weekend to Dale and Dalean but it all bears repeating. These two were the heart and soul of the party. They came prepared for the big crowd, the let their room be "home base," they were full of laughs, encouragement and generosity. From phases one thru seven these two had it going on!!! We had SO much fun all weekend and you two were a huge part of it. Thanks again for everything - and COME TO DUBLIN!!!
p.s. Dale - in our travels thus far 'catching a shark' has already become part of our vocabulary.....stands for the last couple of people up at night, solving the world's problems with
a glass in hand.


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DaLean said...

I can still hear Chris whispering "come to Ireland, come to Ireland" as he waves his arms toward himself. Wow, not to often is there a picture taken of us together, Dale is always on the other side of the camera! We are glad you guys enjoyed it....that is what it was all about... A great time to remember....