14 May 2007

Ahhhh, the retired life.

We may only be retiring for 6 months, but we are starting out in style.

Chris, Tina and I took a trip to Naples, where the old ladies float poolside on their noodles all the live long day. Naples with it's pretty little downtown chock full o' restaurants, shops and cafes. We were visiting Eileen and Jack who were practicing for their retirement by making numerous Home Depot runs.

Dinner at the Old Naples pub. Where the food was delish, but we did not agree with a friend's assessment of "the best burger you've ever had."
The handsome fellas above. And the lovely ladies below (we look like a reverse oreo!!)

They even managed to drag my fat, white arse to the beach. (It was a GORGEOUS day) Look at these tiny little bathing beauties. This is what I aspire to be in my retirement, tiny and tan. Oh wait, we are moving to a sunless and cold place where the potato reigns supreme. Guess I'll just keep my fish-belly white complexion a little bit longer. Maybe I'll achieve a nice flush to my cheeks through whiskey and influenza.

Can't you tell by his expression how much Chris LOVES the beach....in theory. While Jack, the world's best tanner, sits in the shade, Chris tried to blend his tattoos in and get rid of his "lacrosse sox" by getting a little sun.

Naples was a nice little treat. Believe it or not, becoming homeless and jobless has been quite a busy task for us and it was nice to get away to a place where we had no responsibility and could just be with people who are dear to our hearts. We look forward to more of the same in the coming month.

So far so good on this retirment thing.



Anonymous said...

Well, isn't it loverly being called a tiny bathing beauty at 52!!! Thanks sis! Finally, some pics to show up in my google task bar of people I know! Had a great last Naples visit (at least for awhile) with my two little sisters and of course, peer pressurer Chris!

Chris & Kelly said...

Thanks Ei - we had a fabulous time. I giggled when entering these pics, knowing they'd come up on your fancy google sidebar thingy.

p.s. thanks to you and everyone else for all the recent comments too!!
we been havin' some fun with the ol' blogger.