03 June 2008

Boston & New York

by Chris

Whew. Just got back from a very busy, yet relaxing 10 day trip to the States.

The purpose of the trip was the annual pilgrimage to the NCAA Lacrosse Championships, this year held at Gilette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Another record setting crowd for the Finals (48,490). Our friend Joe from Philly got some of us Press passes so we were able to sit anywhere and even go on the field while he took pictures etc. Very Cool !

The usual gang from Tampa & Northern New York met us there and we set up early each day to tailgate. Kirk Smith (master planner,trip coordinator & animal flesh grillmaster) once again led our crew in what proved to be our best trip yet. The weather & lacrosse were great, the food was delicious and the cold beer was plentiful.

Kelly couldn't make it this year since she is in Moldova. Luckily, Dubliners Michael, Paddy & Flopsy were able to make the trip. First time for Paddy & Flopsy, who were like kids in a lacrosse candy store all weekend.

Its hard to pick which is better, watching the lacrosse games or hanging in the parking lot.

Declan, Loudon and Flopsy...everyone had a great time

After the tournament, Michael & I spent 2 days and one night in downtown Boston. We had dinner with Clayton and his Dad, Hyatt. Hyatt used to manage the Faneuil Hall marketplace so he had a lot of interesting stories and background history.

The next day we took the subway around to key points of interest in and around Boston incluidng:


The Charlestown Navy Shipyards

(Michael on a destroyer)

The bunker hill monument tower. View of Boston from the top

After a day of walking all over Boston, we took the Water Ferry back to our hotel

Back in New York, I stayed at my sisters apartment in Manhattan. Or should we call it Alliville, since everywhere you go there are banners of Alli's artwork hanging around !

The Fashion districk kiosk on Fashion Ave is plastered with Alli's drawings and banners hang all around the surrounding 8 blocks or so advertising the Fashion District.

Wooohooooooooo Alli Art everywhere !

I stayed on Long Island for 5 days . First I stayed at Matt & Jen's house in Bayport that included an all you can eat Chinese buffet extravaganza and a home brew tasting...yummy

One day I had dinner and did my laundry at the very hospitable home of Helen & Charlie in Bellmore.

Helen served a very nice, normal pasta dinner, that wasn't made of Tofu or Sprouts.

Whats that under the tarp in the backyard ? Charlies building a boat !

I also stayed at the temporary home of Jack & Eileen in Long Beach which was, as always, like staying in my own home. (Thanks Papa Jack & Beanie)

Eileen made dinner for big crowd that included Tom, Maggie, Michael, Casey, Mike & Colleen, Luke & Jake.

We walked on the beach before dinner, and afterwards Mike and I had a chance to discuss politics and talked about at what college his sons are going to play lacrosse .

Luke - Johns HopkinsJake - Virginia

I capped off my trip staying at my usual port-of-call, Bobby & Maryann's.

Bobby & I met for lunch at the fishing docks in Lido Beach.

and ate at the lil' ol' clam bar.

The next day they made me a going away dinner to die for. A delicious salad and big fat steak on their new grill. (Old grill was jealous)

Summertime ! Bobby and I planted his tomatoes and peppers

and drank rum & cokes

while Maryann studied for her Series 7 test...put the book down Maryann, youre gonna pass !

I also got to visit several times with my Father, my Grandfather & Olga, my Aunt Jackie, and cousins Tommy, Laura, Scott & Josh.

Unfortunately, I didnt take many pictures this trip and none of my family. I was having such a relaxing trip I forgot all about my camera !

I even went to the beach....TWICE ! As many of you know, I'm not a big beach guy, but it was very relaxing. All in all, another great trip !

Thanks to everyone for accommodating their hobo brother-in-law/nephew/friend/cousin/uncle.

Kelly & I will be back in NY in October.... see ya !


Tina said...

looks like you had a great time chris. Alli that is so cool about your art. Congrats!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Alli that is way cool. how exciting. imagine that - your artwork defining NEW YORK"S fashion district. That is a huge feather in your cap !
Chrissy - thanks for this post and the accompanying pics. i enjoyed it . Love, Helen

Anonymous said...

Great post Chris. Congrats Alli. I worked in the building just behind the big button and needle. It was funny seeing it.
Chris, now living in Ireland you can relate to us northerners and why we appreciate a nice day at the beach. I loved seeing you there. Coll