15 June 2008

Walking in Wales

Knowing Christian James would be off tomorrow for a six week adventure to points east, we decided to have a romantic getaway this weekend. Took the ferry from Dun Laoghaire, just south of Dublin, to Holyhead, a little bitty island just off the coast of the Welsh mainland.
Arrivederci Dublin!! Aloha Wales!

This funky bridge greeted us as we stepped off the ferry.
Then these 4th century Roman ruins said 'Hey!'
We figured we were ahead of the game already...then we found our hotel. Here's the view out our room's window. Ooooh yeeeaaahhh.

No shortage of sheep as you can well imagine. These guys said 'bah.'

We meandered around sweet little lanes like this, came across a fabulous coastal walk and spent the afternoon exploring.

Get a load of this handsome fella. Get a load of the scenery. Don't they both just take your breath away?

As with many of our posts the pictures are too small to appreciate. I absolutely insist you click on this one to see it full size.

Dramatic - isn't it? Windswept, rocky heathland. Waves, cliffs, lighthouses, the potential for seals basking in the sun (no, we didn't see any...but we COULD have.)

Plenty of places to perch and enjoy the view.
The paths diverged and came together, they stretched, climbed and dipped, narrowed then spread out. Wildflowers, gorse, gigantic bumblebees, stacked stone walls. I swear I saw a fairy. Sigh. It was lovely. AND the weather cooperated!!

Plus there were plenty of cool, random, unexplained sights.

Moving on....

The Welsh lyke the lettyr Y yn all thyr wyrds.

Saturday was town exploration and coastal walk, Sunday was standing stones. Yippee!

Chris sits and contemplates the neolithic era...

..while I show standing stones how to stand proud.

All in all a successful trip. The ferry ride was fast and smooth, Holyhead provided plenty of entertainment for two days and now we are back and preparing for the big departure. Hope you all enjoyed a peek at Wales through our eyes, wish us luck in the weeks ahead.

Look for more Moldova posts (yeah, I got A LOT more to say about that) and plenty of China news soon we hope.

hugs and kisses,



Becky said...

So beautiful! I have family from there and so does Jimbo! So we jealous!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous , absolutely gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing.
Love, Helen

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wrote a comment yesterday and it is not here! Oh well, I probably didn't do something like press publish (but I swear I did). Anyway, what I said was.....ya think I remember?!! I'm sure it was something like....mmmm.....I know it was really good.......?%$#$%^#!$%#. Darn. Well, I know I used a lot of descriptive adjectives and such but the crux of it was, ditto to Helen! Eileen Oh I see I didn't enter the letters as they are shown in the image as its asking me to do now and for some reason I noticed it.