30 June 2008

A Great Weekend.

by Chris
This weekend was great mainly because I had absolutely nothing planned.
All week long whenever I walked past the couch i said stuff like "Yeah couch! You just wait til this weekend" and threw gang signs at it.
I did have one task this weekend though. It was to document a bachelor auction for charity at a local pizza place/bar called the Kro's Nest. I wasn't going to bid on any bachelor's, obviously, I was going because my roomate BD had generously offered to take part in the charity event to raise money for earthquake victims.
and it could give me endless amounts of material to make fun of him with.
The place was packed!
Even though I wanted to make fun of him, it was a very cool event that raised a boatload of money for charity and everyone had a great time. So big props go out to BD.
I did not take this picture, but it is very nice don't you think ?
The World Health Organization rates pollution in cities by measuring pollution, smog,and dust particles in the air and giving the city a rating. a rating of 20 or higher indicates problems.
New York - 27
Paris - 24

Beijing - 142

Ok, check out these pics...thats not fog folks, that smog. I took these pictures on Sunday.

I really dont care, its part of the charm of the place. Much like the fact that you could be living in a hut you built right next to a freakin skyscraper !

My other roomie Tom is going to buy a motorcycle with a sidecar when he gets back from Canada which is pretty cool...except that he's a madman and that he'll kill us both if I even get in the thing.

I'm suggesting something a little less reckless.

1 comment:

Alli Arnold said...

I love the hut next to the skyscraper.

"When you're in my hut, you know what's up."

(Anyone know what song that's from?)

Did you take the picture on the title of the blog? WOW. Nice light.

Despite the horrendous air quality, you are opening my mind to possibly considering a visit to China. One day. Maybe. With a backpack full of instant oatmeal and Luna bars.

Click click!
I'm off to California!

xoxo Alli