21 September 2008

The calm before the (lacrosse season) storm

As previously mentioned, we spent a good part of one of our days in Wexford walking along the beach. The girls walked and talked about....oh who knows, girl stuff...

Michael & I couldn't be bothered with anything but picking through the abundance of perfectly formed skipping stones

We threw hundreds into the sea...judging our throws on number of skips, height and distance.

When we had to give up due to our arms hurting, Michael was declared winner with 7 skips.

The day was not over as we had still discover the mystery of...

Sea turf ! Apparently this is where turf or peat meets the sea...and is formed into these weird little dirt fingers.

Looks like turf

smells like turf....

Unfortunately, even the best stone skipper in Wexford can't skip turf.

In other news this week, the UCD Lacrosse season started and we had our first game against Dublin Lacrosse which ended in a 10-10 tie.

It was a good first game, with members of both teams able to knock the rust off and get ready for the rest of the season.

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