25 September 2008

Lacrosse season in full swing already!

Alli sent me this gem she made a few years back. She calls it :

Lacrosse al Fresco

What could be better then Tony, me & Clayton having a tea party ?

The other night at lacrosse, I made an exceptional jump-from-behind-the-goal leaping shot...I scored, everyone clapped, everything was great....until the referee for the evening (Michael Kennedy) declared it no goal as I was in the crease.

Now I know what most of you are thinking...why would Michael, a frequent subject of blog posts here, try to deny a 38 yr old man the glory of such a goal ?

I, of course, questioned his call, but just briefly as I don't like giving ref's the business and I don't like getting the business as a ref. But let's be clear...it was a goal...

The next day I sent Mike a text message that said " I made you an appointment with the eye doctor". To which I got an email from Mr. Kennedy titled "Who do you think you are?" with the following picture:

Very funny MK, very funny indeed...



I'm currently in training at my apartment. I'm just jumping over my couch back and forth so next week when the opportunity rises, I'm gonna jump OVER Mike AND score....again.


Becky said...

Photoshop is the best. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

chris, how did you get all that sand in your vagina? bring your best shot from the crease mate! - MK

Anonymous said...

p.s. Aaaarnooold!