03 May 2009

Flat Marley goes all Neolithic on your Butt

Newgrange is a passage tomb dating from about 3200 B.C. That's older than the pyramids y'all!

It's a big earth mound, built around a stacked stone chamber, into which rays of sunshine penetrate through a special passage above the door at dawn of the winter solstice.

That plus the human remains found inside lead historians to think it was some kind of sacred temple. There are other similar burial mounds in the area marking the summer solstice and the spring & autumn equinoxes in the same fashion. Fairly impressive engineering & dedication for the Stone Age, eh?

Regardless of all that, I prefer to think of Newgrange, and its 30 or so brethren in the area, as Irish folklore has for hundreds of years....as Fairy Mounds. Irish Fairies weren't no tiny, winged tinkerbells either but scary, bad-ass muthahs. Great and terrible warriors, magical, vindictive, fierce - something dark to scare the little ones with in bedtime stories. Mwuahhaahaha.

Easter weekend was a four days long (hallelujah!!) so after three days of sunshine friends decided to check out Newgrange on RAINY Easter Monday. Sigh, Ireland, your weather breaks my heart. Knowing Flat Marley is a big fan of all things pre-historic (and not at all scared of big mean Irish Fairies), we brought her along.
And if you are wondering just who or what in tarnation is a Flat Marley you might wanna check out the previous post first.....

Marley demonstrates how it's believed the stone agers moved the giant curb stones forming the base of the mound. The white quartz and gray granite forming the outer walls come from 100 kilometers in either direction of Newgrange. Once again - impressive feats from cavemen.

E. shows F.M. how to live pre-historically.

Flat Marley enjoyed the history and the mystery of this 5,000 year old archaeological site, but it also turns out she's a bit of a Butch Cassidy to my Sundance Kid.......

...and enjoys breaking the law, breaking the law.......

C. tries to make himself as flat as possible for a photo with F.M. after a walk in the rain.

After all the culture and weather we decided to treat Flat Marley to an ice cream (with a hot whiskey for me). Thanks to E. A. & C. for inviting Flat Marley and I to join them on the day's outing.


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Anonymous said...

isn't flat Marley due home? Did you guys really kidnap him ?