19 May 2009

Spring in Vienna !

Trip number 4 to Vienna in recent history and number 2 coaching the Austrian National team, this time I brought along Triple F (Florida friend Frankie)

For those of you who don't know Frankie, he's another Long Island (Merrick) transplant that lives and coaches in Tampa Bay. His interests are short walks, delicious things and laughing his ass off.

We had an absolute blast.

Frankie was in charge of photography, and didn't realize til the end of the trip that the date stamp was on and wrong....oh well.

Upon arrival in Vienna we did some sightseeing and met up with friends Richi & Anita as well as some of their friends for some drinks at a cool little place downtown.

Once again, it was great of our Vienna pals to show us around and make us feel welcome.

above, Anita & Richi

There were two full days of training and the weather cooperated nicely.

Below, Frankie coaching the defense.

The Austrians are a great bunch of guys and really leave it all on the field. We had some great practices and a lot of fun as well.

On Sunday night, Richi & Anita met up with us again and took us to a cool little beach bar on the Donau canal. The weather was beautiful so the place was jammed, but we found some beach chairs and our own patch of sand. A great ending to a great weekend.

Vienna really is a great city. Thanks to Richi, Anita, Frankie and all the gang in Austria for another great trip.

Stay tuned for more from Vienna next month !

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