27 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in NY

This past weekend Kelly & I had a great time on Long Island two days were spent with my half of the family (next post) then two days were spent with the ol' Haltigan clan.

A bunch of the family headed out by boat to anchor at Zack's bay and watch the Memorial Day Weekend Air Show!

Kelly & I had never been to an air show....WOW, it was incredibly impressive.

We had all day to relax and catch up with the family including our nephew Michael and great nephew Luke.

and our ultra cute great nephew Jake !

and watch planes fly over head......awesome !

It was a great place to spend the day.

The beach got the best show, with parachuters and all kinds of neat stuff.

Memorial Day weekend Rocks !


Becky said...

Awesome! Look how big Luke is!!!! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Come back next year and see the Blue Angels.