30 March 2009

Warsaw !

Whats that music ? (if you don't hear it, turn on your sound !)

Why its Chopin of course, Poland's favorite son.

This past weekend I went to Warsaw to see the city and, of course, for some lacrosse.

I stayed smack dab in the middle of the city with my friend Glen, pictured above.

Glen is American but has been living in Poland for 13 years. He was nice enough to let me crash at his swanky pad in the city center for 4 days.

I coached a practice for Grom Warsaw (Warsaw Thunder) and on day two I ref'd the 1st ever Warsaw Lacrosse Tournament.

They even let me play for the Warsaw team for one half.

The Poznan Hussars won the day and took home the 1st place trophy, followed by Wroclaw and Warsaw. It was a great time.

I spent Friday afternoon and all day Sunday sightseeing including visits to :

Lazienki Park & Palace

Warsaw's biggest park and home to a beautiful Palace, as well as lots of well kept paths. I imagine it is absolutely beautiful in the summer.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum

If you aren't familiar with the suffering in Warsaw during World War 2, I encourage you to read more about the Uprising here.

The museum is huge and has a very comprehensive day by day account of the Uprising as well as the entire War. Very sad indeed.

Across town is the Uprising Monument.

During my wanderings, I cut through an underpass...which apparently must get littered frequently, look at all the garabage cans !

Warsaw has one Metro line, but I didnt have the need to use it. Although I did go down into the Metro to cut under major intersections.

Like this one...Jerusalem Avenue & John Paul II.

There are Pope John Paul II tributes all over the city as you can well imagine of a Polish Pope in his very religious home country.

But its not all doom and gloom in Warsaw. There are loads of modern buildings. 85% of Warsaw was destroyed during World War 2, so everything is relatively new. Look at this neat building.

Then of course there is the tallest building in Poland. The Palace of Culture and Science, a gift from the Soviet People.

Although its not the furthest East I have been in Europe, its pretty far. Its closer to Moscow then Dublin.

As I am very interested in the historical sites, I also had to see Pawiak Prison. A political prison built in the 1830's its most infamous wardens were the Gestapo.

120,000 people came through this prison during the War. 90,000 never made it home.

Ok so no more gloom and doom. Warsaw is a beautiful city. You need go no further then the Old Town to get the feel of Old Warsaw.

The Eastern architecture and old buildings was painfully rebuilt after the war, restoring Warsaw to its former glory.

I had an absolutely great visit and will plan on someday going back to Poland.

There is much more to see and the people are great.

Not to mention the delicious food, like these Pierogies washed down with a beer. Yum.


zielonobrody said...

Pałac Kultury the tallest building?! I almost pissed myself laughing :D It's just 30 stories tall, there's taller buildings in Warsaw :) Used to be seen from almost every part of the city center, now it's barely visible from anywhere in centrum. Enough of my rant. Again, thanks for coming:)

Chris said...
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Chris said...
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Chris said...

According to the internet it is still the tallest building in Warsaw and all of Poland until the Sky Tower is completed.

Just cause you cant always see it doesnt mean its not still there....you're small.

Thanks for a great weekend Neo

zielonobrody said...

So it seems I'm mistaken once again. How small I am ;) The Internet never lies :D

This calls for a new comic book lacrosse character - Slo-Mo Man! :D

Anonymous said...

My Grandfather was raised in Warsaw and experienced WWII for there as well. If he had a computer Chris he would have LOVED to read your post and see the pictures. Yum perogies! I haven't had them in a good 7 years since my Grandmother stopped cooking.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to mention that Chopin is my favorite composer. I could listen to my Aunt Lorraine play Chopin all day long.

Chris said...

Hey Col, I was looking forward to my Warsaw visit for many reasons, especially its historical significance. I finally got a feel for what I've read about. I'll definitely be going back to Poland.