29 September 2009

Work in Progress

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but...as you'll see, we've been busy.

When we moved to Vienna, the team had arranged a well located apartment for us that is a good size and cheap, but needed a lot of work.

The owner of the apartment had moved out in 1991 but had left all of his stuff behind.

The team , generously, pre-cleaned the apartment which was buried in 18 years of dust and dirt.

It also was in desperate need of modernizing and redecorating.

As I have to work all day and coach at night, Kelly put on her work clothes and attacked...with a vengeance.

Armed with a scraper she went at the wallpaper.

Even the ceilings were wallpapered !

We rented a wall paper steamer machine, but it kept blowing the fuses....which are circa 1962. There isnt even a circuit breaker box, they are screw in fuses, which turns out they don't sell anymore !

The house was a complete disaster area, but Kelly was undeterred...she showed no mercy to the double and triple layered, nicotine encrusted wallpaper.

Then....she painted.....the entire apartment.

It took many days but....Viola ! We now have a crisp clean bright white apartment courtesy of Kelly...destroyer of wallpapered surfaces.

We had new floors put in during the same time....its like a brand new apartment !

We also got a new bed and couch from Ikea...and got our cable/internet installed !

Next up ? On Monday the water gets shut off for a week so they can replace the pipes and remodel the bathroom & kitchen !


tina haltigan said...

Kelly i am impressed..it looks great!!! Is your hair getting real long???

Kelly said...

For the record I love our new apartment and except for the occasional meltdown (like when the plaster ceiling started falling down) enjoyed doing my projects. Nesting is satisfying!

Anonymous said...

you rock girl! Alex

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kelly.............now you're sounding like your big sister Tina!!! Is your visit to Vienna going to be when the water is turned off? That would be great. You better watch out now, they will want to raise your rent! Also, since you were blowing fuses left and right and you can't replace them......what did you do? Eileen

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and p.s. Did those disgusting nicotine covered walls make you want to quit smoking? Because is that's what second hand smoke does to walls, imagine what first hand smoke is doing to your lungs. Just wondering. eileen

Becky said...

This does not surprise me. It was Kelly who got me through my wallpaper destroying many years ago. Wallpaper around the world should fear her. Good job girl! Looks great, what an undertaking!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Kelly girl, just awesome. Looks like the end results were worth the toil. Lvoe, Helen