15 May 2010

Rockin' n Roly

In Vienna it seems every third person has a rolling shopping cart. I am no exception. That’s right kids, I am rocking the roly.

These ain’t the old school metal ones you used to see rattling behind old ladies trudging through Queens. Remember them?

Wearing plastic rain bonnets, with the knee-high stockings losing elastic and starting the slow side toward the crepe soled shoes?

No no no. Today's roly carts are a whole 'nother kettle of fish. These babies got style. And options.

I’m constantly checking out passing roly carts the way you're keeping your eye on your neighbor's driveway. You look for trunk space, gas mileage and dvd players in the backseat. I look for a nice wide top opening, knobby wheels and a no slip-grip handle.

There's some that have a built in seat! There are wheels that swivel and insulated liners so your ice-pops don't melt on the way home. They come collapsible and foldable, they come with cup holders, umbrella pockets and cane hooks (a nod to our little old Woodside ladies.) You can get primary colors or an understated burberry looking plaid. Stiff squared frame? Ventilated mesh sides? Check and check. Slip off the bag and you've got yourself a nice little hand truck. There's no end to the options.

Mine is a cute little Ikea number. With a black & white graphic that makes me sing "and a partridge in a pear tree" each time I look at it. For a girl without wheels, this thing is a life changer. No more lugging home groceries in a knapsack and two shopping bags...lower back aching, shoulders creating knots on top of knots, palms gripped red and raw because I bought the big milk AND the bag of sugar.

Now I'm tooling around town, getting the big milk, the bag of sugar AND a watermelon. Happy as...well...a partridge in a pear tree.



Anonymous said...

Having seen this little beauty in action, I can confirm you look just adorable :-) Suz

Anonymous said...

I could see me pulling one of these grovy carts! Awesome!