19 May 2010

Everyone's Favorite Cousin

Cousin Michael & family came for a visit. They all loaded themselves onto the overnight train from Zurich and *poof* appeared like magic one rainy morning.

Moira carried the luggage.

It pretty much rained their entire visit, but we didn't let it get us down.

During a visit to the Prater amusement park, Silas tamed a tiger and a solemn Moira clung to a white pony as if her life depended on it. Moira's not a particularly serious kid, but she doesn't care to smile on demand. Thus I had a hard time snapping a smiling photo of her...

...till I got one in Mama Gabi's arms. Awwww!

Gabi got me to smile for a photo too. Maybe she is magic? (Or was it just the wine?)

Moira's a bit of lap monkey. Perfectly happy to be passed from one set of arms to another all day and night. Kid after my own heart. Cuddles on demand.

Silas is so cute I could just scream. Their whole trip I was just trying to get my arms around him for some cuddles but he's a squiggly, wiggly boy. You'll have more luck with a tickling match, a mock sword fight, spinning him around till his shoulders dislocate or a rousing game of chase. We did all of the above. Most of my pictures of him are just blurry blond shapes.

But I did get this cute one of Silas and his big brother. Juri is such a sweet soul. Soft spoken, polite, so patient and helpful with his little siblings.

He even manages not to mind Michael making a boob of himself on camera. I'm telling ya, this kid has the patience of a saint!

Chris rewards Juri by spinning him until he can not see straight.

A most enjoyable visit, all around. We ate, we tickled, we drank, we cuddled, we spun, we laughed, we rode ponies, we were damp. What more could you ask for?



Anonymous said...

Oh, so nice to have such a visit. I love your post about it. Did someone really dislocate Silas' shoulder? That one picture of Moira smiling reminds me of Julia as a child........was it just the photo or did you think that at all. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a special time. wish I was there !
Love, Helen

Tina Haltigan said...

You seem nice and tan Kelly??? Where did that come from? You look nice.