03 May 2010

Volcanos are Dumb

A couple weeks ago we were expecting visitors Bingo & Bobbi in from Florida. Then Iceland had to go exploding its big, stupid volcano and ruining everything. Tens of thousands of flights in and out of Europe were canceled over the course of the week and by the time the sky was declared safe for flying, it was too late and our Florida peeps never made it.

This made me sad. For many reasons.

Not the least of which involved these guys. You see, B &B's first weekend here coincided with the Steiermarkdorf, or Styrian Village Festival, in which Vienna celebrates all things farmy, folksy & Austrian. There's fresh produce and wines, wandering brass bands, lots of country-fair style food, folk dancing and just general good, wholesome fun. Loads of people turn up in traditional Austrian dress, wood chopping contests are held, the sun shines, the wine flows, the apples are farm fresh and everybody feels happy and lucky to live in such a fine country.

We would sip cold, fruity white wine, marvel at seeing more lederhosen in one place than we thought possible and chow down on strudel. And we would be able to watch the red checkered shirt dudes above do the goofy-crazy-cool slap dancing like the video below. (I wasn't able to capture a good video myself and so was forced to borrow an example from youtube. But the red checkered shirt guys were awesome, trust me.)

And so Bingo and Bobbi, feast your eyes on that and we shall dream of your next volcano-free vacation plans when we'll all feel lucky to be in such a fine country. Miss you guys.



Anonymous said...

I think Kristine cousin could learn this kind of tap dancing. She's not that uncoordinated. Helen

Sean Lewis said...

Is this what Terry Pratchett referred to as Morris Dancing?