15 December 2009

Christmas is when you miss them the most.

The one problem with having a big family and a family scattered about, is that you can't see everyone during the holidays.

Unfortunately, this year we won't get to see my brother & his kids. I think everyone would agree that Christmas time is more magical when there are children around, and my brother has a whole bunch of em !

Its really amazing how fast they grow up...or how fast I'm getting older.

Always smiling. I just want to reach into this picture and grab Jack and squeeze him !

The picture below is one of my favorites from when the girls slept over our house a few years back. I told them to smile for a picture, so Alli throws the classic head tilt/smile, while Katie just powers up every cute gene in her body.

This month we'll also miss Jimmy's birthday. I'm probably biased because the kid looks like me, but c'mon....look at how cute he is !

Hopefully next year we can be in Florida for Christmas.

Merry Christmas lil' Arnold's !


GillyBean said...

Merry Christmas Chris and Kelly! Yes, I'm still following you on line. I love reading your blog and keeping up with your travels. I think you should turn this into a movie like Julia Julie :o)
Wonderful Holiday blessings to you both! Take care from Trinity, FL! yes...The "Westchasers" and the antique piano have all moved to Trinity! Stay well neighbors!

Chris said...

Hey Julie! Thanks for following the blog and joining us on our adventure.

Hope everything is well with you...and our ol' Piano!

Happy, Happy Holidays to you!